Ginger Ginger

March 2004: Ginger is a 3 year old female Westie who was given up because her owners were unable or unwilling to provide her the care that she needed. It was suspected that Ginger had a liver shunt, but it was never followed up with further diagnosis. She was not spayed and vaccination history was sketchy.

When she arrived in rescue it was apparent that she had neurological problems and possible vision problems. She was not housebroken and had difficulty drinking water unless it had "food" in it. Ginger was placed on a prescription diet low in protein as required due to the liver shunt. Arrangements were made for Ginger to have blood-work done and an ultrasound to determine her prognosis. The ultrasound did show that her liver was of normal size but had one area of concern for a possible shunt vessel that was not definitive. The vet specialist recommended that Ginger have a biopsy, dye study, spay and shunt repair if indicated upon surgery.

On March 17 Ginger had her surgery and did very well.

Ginger shows balance and/or neurological signs such as circling, tail "biting" and a hopping gait. She was diagnosed to have a depth perception problem in one eye. All or any of these symptoms could have been caused by living with the liver shunt untreated.

Ginger loves children and is very friendly. Ginger gets along fine with dogs and cats.

She will remain in foster care for several more weeks for evaluation by her vet and once released will be placed in a home.

Thanks WestieMed for assisting us with giving Ginger the medical attention she needed.

Karen Spalding Westie Rescue, Inc.

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