Finn Finn

November 2006: My name is Finn. I am a rough and tumble puppy. I was rescued from a puppymill in western Pennsylvannia in October 2007. The mill owners, who never gave me a name, indicated I was 14 weeks old and that they were giving me up due to skin problems. The rescue people were worried because I was half the size and weight a 14-week-old Westie should be. I spent a few days at the Greater Annapolis Veterinary Hospital (GAVH) until my foster parents Ann and Phil came to care for me. All the ladies at GAVH were sad to see me go (one of the veterinarians called me a "puppy rock star.")

At my foster home I was VERY hungry and ate everything in sight. I was lively and cute, and enjoyed running and playing with the adult dogs, but got tired often. After a few days I started having a little trouble breathing and stopped being active. Ann got really worried after I stopped BITING and started limping. She was petting me and found that my jaw was very painful at the joint and immediately took me back to GAVH. They found that I had pneumonia, signs of Craniomandibular Osteopathy (CMO) and a strained knee. I was given medication and sent home.

Several days later, when my condition did not improve, I was admitted into the hospital and given antibiotics through a nebulizer several times a day. My foster parents called to check on me EVERY day. I had a few rough days but eventually I started to improve. I came home and Ann and Phil thought everything was going well. A week later, though, after my first Parade of Rescues (I got a ribbon!), I started acting very tired and wheezy again. Everyone was very worried. I went back to GAVH for another week, where my vets, Dr. Daher and her colleagues, figured out that one of my antibiotics was no longer working, and put me on doxycycline. After a week of observation (three days I which I was feeling so good I was bouncing off the walls), I got to go back to my foster home.

Ann and Phil, and the "big dogs," Jasmine and Arie (, take good care of me. Phil and Jasmine get up early every day to get me breakfast and my medicine (yucky medicine in a big syringe they stick in my mouth). I also have to take my antibiotics at night. I take pepcid for tummy aches (the medicines I take are strong) and predinosone for my CMO. I like to go outside on walks and romp around in the backyard (but not without my coat!). Because of the prednisone I am still having some trouble with housebreaking, but my foster parents are very patient.

FinnThese days I love to eat, look out the windows, bark, and nibble on fingers (my big dog teeth are still coming in). I play tug with my foster brother Arie and chase with my foster sister Jasmine, and bark at dogs, people, and squirrels passing by. I am learning to be a Westie. Someday I hope to be placed in a loving forever home with other dogs I can play with.



Update January 2008:

FinnI found the best forever home a pup could ever hope for! I have two older Border Collie brothers that let me chew on them, a cool fenced in yard to explore and a great mommy and daddy who love me to death. I even have other pup friends in the neighborhood that I get to play with on a regular basis.

I'm the picture of health, with no skin issues and I seem to have grown out of my CMO. (I love to play tug with my brothers!)  I also have a Westie sister named Dory. She is a 3 year old rescue from a puppy mill we got a few months ago. She's my best friend. I'm teaching her all about Westie-tude and how to play.

I am quite the handful and very entertaining. I always seem to be in some sort of mischief. I started agility classes this Fall and have picked up on it really quickly cause I'm very smart and a fast learner. You can read all about me at my website:

Woof! Finn